Student Guidelines & Forms


Click HERE to access graduate student guidelines

Field Trip Safety and Guidelines

EEPS Field Trip Code of Conduct

EEPS Field Trip Guidelines

Field Trip Emergency Information

Field Trip Proposal Form

Defensive Driving Course (all drivers must take this course)


  • Receipt of Guidelines [PDF]
  • Student Advisor Questions [PDF]
  • Advisor Agreement [PDF]
  • Annual Committee Meeting [PDF]
  • Travel Awards Request Form [PDF]
  • Graduate Special Registration Form [PDF]

Ph.D. Forms

  • Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Brief [PDF]
  • Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Results Form [PDF]
  • Ph.D. Committee Form [PDF]
  • Ph.D. Candidacy Checklist [PDF]
  • Ph.D. Candidacy Petition [PDF]

M.S. Forms

  • Master’s Thesis Proposal Brief [PDF]
  • Master’s Thesis Proposal Results Form [PDF]
  • Master's Committee Form [PDF]
  • Master's Candidacy Checklist [PDF]
  • Master's Candidacy Petition [PDF]

Undergraduate Forms

  • Honor's Thesis Application [PDF]