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EEPS 2022 homecoming includes a celebration of the life and career of Dale Sawyer...

Ph.D. student Ellie Moreland blogs about changing tactics and remaining upbeat when faced with unanticipated obstacles encountered on the surface of a...

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Asmita Banerjee with ice core

Science News highlights research of Asmita Banerjee and Laurence Yeung Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2022

Chilean volcano_crevass in ash

Hot Science at Cordón Caulle Friday, Aug. 12, 2022

EEPS and Rice PSM adjunct faculty Faruk Omer Alpak, Ph.D.

EEPS Omer Alpak honored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2021 International Award Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021

Sylvia Dee

Sylvia Dee wins fellowship to launch Gulf of Mexico study Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2021

National Academies back ‘bold’ research projects by early-career scientists

Postdoctoral fellow Elizabeth Wallace

Nature’s archive reveals Atlantic tempests through time Tuesday, Sep. 7, 2021

Paleo storm hunters at Rice need data to refine the record of history’s hurricanes