ENVS Majors

The Environmental Science (ENVS) undergraduate programs are jointly overseen by the Departments of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and BioSciences, and provide interdisciplinary degrees that focus on the interconnections between humans and the natural environment.

Both and ENVS B.S. and ENVS B.A. are offered, with a choice of two concentrations: Earth Science or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The program includes a number of interdisciplinary courses for students interested in broadening their understanding of environmental issues.

Not sure what path to take? Explore this Guide to the Landscape of Environmental Education to see all the programs and courses available at Rice.

Undergraduate Advisers

  • Earth Science Concentration – Caroline Masiello (masiello@rice.edu)
  • Earth Science Concentration – Sylvia Dee (Sylvia.Dee@rice.edu)
  • Earth Science Concentration – Emma Beer (emma.beer@rice.edu)