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Apply to Become an Undergraduate EEPS EXPLORER

The Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Department is excited to announce the new EXPLORE Program (Earth & PLanetary Opportunities in REsearch) for Rice undergraduates interested in pursuing research or experiential education. The EXPLORE program, enabled by the Human Impacts on the Earth Endowment*, is open to undergraduate students who want to contribute to scientific discovery through research to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the Earth, our solar system, and beyond. This opportunity is open to EEPS and ENVS majors and non-majors (including those outside of STEM fields). Students accepted into the program will work with EEPS faculty or affiliates on research or experiential projects or internships, designed to enhance their knowledge of the field and understand the scientific challenges that we face today. Student projects can be tailored to suit student interests and may involve working in faculty labs, conducting field work, analyzing data sets of different types, or running numerical models of Earth and planetary processes.

EXPLORERS may be eligible for financial support covering research costs, travel, and/or modest stipend. The scope and duration of individual research projects, and requested budgets, will be determined jointly by student and mentor, and reviewed by the EXPLORE Committee.

*The EXPLORE Program is made possible through the Human Impacts on the Earth Endowment - a generous gift challenge initiated and supported by Mary Anne and William Dingus (BA ‘81) and many other generous donors. This endowment helps us provide unique educational experiences and opportunities for students, with a particular focus on understanding human impacts on Earth.  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT OUR CURRENT EXPLORERS AND THEIR PROJECTS

Program eligibility:

  • Has taken (or is currently enrolled in) at least one 3-credit hour EEPS 100-level course.
  • Is a current Rice undergraduate student, enrolled full-time in a degree-granting program;
  • Is in good academic standing.

Program requirements:

  • Participate in research support meetings and activities run by EEPS, ENVS or EXPLORE Program advisors;
  • Present your work during EEPS, Natural Sciences, or Rice undergraduate conferences;
  • If possible, enroll in EEPS 481 under the supervision of your research mentor;
  • Follow guidelines for responsible conduct of research relevant to your discipline;

Application Requirements:

  • Personal Interest Statement (~250 words): Briefly summarize your interests in and motivation for doing research in EEPS, and what you hope to gain and contribute through the program. Indicate if there are specific topics in Earth, environmental and planetary sciences or types of research that you would prefer to get involved in.
  • Mentor Preferences: (Click here for EEPS faculty and research opportunties);
  • Resume: Include previous research and relevant experience, and related coursework;
  • Download Application and send to EXPLORE Program Coordinator: PDF, Word



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